“The landscape listens and we hear it call our own name.”

-Emily Dickinson

About Julie

I prefer the inspiration of painting “en Plein aire” whenever possible. I am a colorist, energized to paint what I see, in a realistic, but impressionistic style.

My deep connection with the natural world, in the past, and through my art, has led to my immersion in landscape painting. I am continually sharpening my awareness and “seeing” at new levels, striving to portray the light forms and magic before me in my paintings.

My subject matter is inspired primarily from the rolling Pennsylvania countryside and the rocky Maine coastline. I also love to paint on my travels, especially in Rrovence and areas surrounding Florence, Italy.

Training in Painting

Course Work:

  • Florence Academy of Art
  • The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
  • The Wayne Art Center

Studied With: 

  • Kathleen Dunphy – Murphys, California
  • Peter Van Dyke – Pennsylvania Academy of Art
  • Roger Dale Brown – Wayne Art Center (visiting artist)
  • Sara Linda Poly – Wayne Art Center (visiting artist)
  • Doug Martenson – Pennsylvania Academy of Art
  • Dale Ratcliff – Cape Ann School of Art, Gloucester, Massachusetts
  • Ian Roberts – Atelier Saint-luc, France and Taos, New Mexico
  • Anne Grahm – Wayne Art Center